Saturday, August 11, 2012

Update 3 + update 2 appendix

Hello everyone!

This update is a bit more special than the previous ones, since it's a live recording. This was recorded in a local club, which unfortunately had to close down a little while ago. This is part of my friend Petar Yordanov's set, where he does covers of songs. He usually invites me to sing on some of the songs. I'm a little off-key for parts of this, but oh well. This is Opeth's Face of Melinda.

 Petar Yordanov and I performing Face of Melinda by Opeth

As you can hear, Petar is an extremely talented guitarist and he actually plays in my band, Bloodlines(Facebook). I posted a song of ours on my first post on this blog, in case anyone's forgotten. He also plays guitar and is the lead vocalist in a death metal band called Act of Grotesque(Facebook). Any death metal fans out there really need to check them out!

If there's anyone out there that actually reads and listens to all this stuff, maybe I should explain a bit better where I'm coming from with these last two updates. I play in metal bands and the music I listen to the most is metal. I'm extremely picky about what bands I like, but most of the music I listen to can be classified as some kind of metal. That's not to say that's all I listen to, however, as you can tell by listening to the stuff I have posted here. I love diversity in music and I hate the fact that people cling to genres. I find nothing inherently superior in any form of music - it's just different. I can enjoy anything from death metal to classical. From jazz to pop. I even enjoy some jpop and electronica now and again. I hate the fact that if you listen to Gorefest and Krisiun, suddenly it's unacceptable to listen to Savage Garden and Elton John. And I have no idea why that is. I love music in all of its forms, as long as it comes from the heart and is a clear expression of a genuine emotion. I don't like overproduced, oversaturated, manufactured music. But anything that sounds like it was made with care and love for the art... I'm a sucker for that. Welp, time to get off the soapbox.

Also, here's the download link for my cover of Roadlife by Mental Destruction from Update 2:

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