Thursday, August 23, 2012

Super Special Awesome Special Cool Update 6

Hello everyone!

I've got a really special update for you guys today. It's my very first commissioned song! For those who know me, I'm sure it'll be quite a surprise, and for those who have actually read anything on the blog, you'll know that I'm trying to branch out into more positive-sounding music. I think I succeeded with this song, it's pretty upbeat and, I hope, it prepares you for a fun time. The lyrics are pretty tongue-in-cheek, too.

Movies in Bed Intro (Download)

This is the intro for Jesh Nyx' internet review show on - Movies in Bed. He's only got a few episodes out right now, but they show a lot of promise and he's a really cool guy, so I hope he gets loads of views. You can find this video and his blip channel right here. Show him some love, guys!

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