Monday, August 19, 2013

Update #10

Hey guys,

A couple of friends and I got together yesterday to try out how well my new microphone would record a live acoustic set, so I've got some recordings for you. One of them is actually a teaser for a song the three of us are working on and which should be released within a week or two. The final recording obviously won't be acoustic, but we got requests from friends to record an acoustic version, so here it is, along with a few covers.

Articorse - The Denial (Featuring Katya and Rumen)

Theme of Laura (Silent Hill 2 OST Cover)
Original by Akira Yamaoka

My Kantele (Amorphis Cover)

Where The Wild Roses Grow
(Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue Cover)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Update #9

Hello again!

Welp, got something special today. Just picked up my new Rode NT1-A microphone and I was really eager to try it out. And I've also had the Rains of Castamere in my head all day, so I figured I'd just record a quick a capella version of the song. The microphone is absolutely amazing, even if my singing isn't all that. Anyway - enjoy!

You can reach the Download link by clicking the little cloud icon on the bottom right, then you'll see it.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Update #8 Collaboration Edition

Hello everyone!

Well, I'm back from the dead. Work and lack inspiration have sapped what little life this blog might have had in the beginning. But hey, this is as much a blog as it is a database of all my music. So, here's the latest addition! How many of you have heard of Andy Rehfeldt? Chances are, you've heard of his smooth jazz version of Metallica's Enter Sandman, or his "radio disney" version of Cannibal Corpse's Hammer Smashed Face. If you haven't heard of him, you're in for a treat! So, I recently got in contact with him and offered my services as a death metal vocalist. And a very short time later, here's the result!

Judy Garland sings Death Metal