Monday, August 6, 2012

An awkward beginning

Well, this is new.

I guess I should introduce myself. I don't really like talking about myself a whole lot, so I'll keep this short. My name is Chavdar Zhechev, I'm 25 years old, from the city of Burgas in Bulgaria. If anyone actually reads this thing, I'm sure all two of you are wondering "Where the hell is Bulgaria?". To that I say - Google is your friend and will explain it better than me. Short version: Tiny country on the Balkan peninsula in Europe.

I'm a musician and I mostly specialize in composing stuff. All kinds of stuff. Well, not all kinds, but quite a few different kinds. I also sing and play guitar, though recordings of me doing either of those will probably be rare, at least for now, until I can get a better microphone and figure out how to use my line6 pod without making my guitar sound like shit.

I'm sure the both of you are already bored to tears, so to show my appreciation for being so patient, here's a small sample of the music I make:

Solitary Mind

This particular song is pretty old. I originally composed it at least 4 years ago and I made this ambient arrangement about a year later. Then two more years passed and I decided to finally uploaded to my channel. Like most of my music, it was just and experiment to see if I could make something ambient. I'm pretty happy with the results, though I definitely could've spent a bit more time working on the mix and mastering.

Calm Town Theme

This song is quite the departure from what I usually do. Even taking into account that I usually experiment. I was trying to compose something you might hear in some kind of old-school JRPG while your party was in a town. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. This was probably my first recorded venturing into the sadly still-not-well-known to me major key. I'm working on composing more light-hearted and, dare I say, 'happy' songs.

Bloodlines - Fearless

And the last addition for today would be my band's song Fearless. I compose all the music in the band and perform lead guitar/vocal duties. The quality of the recording is pretty terrible, but it was made with some extremely cheap gear in my own home. I also did the mixing and mastering. In fact, this was my first ever attempt at doing that. For a first try - I think I did okay, but objectively speaking, the sound is absolutely terrible on this. The recording process was also quite rushed. Couldn't do more than one take on the solo, vocals were supposed to just be temporary until I could go record them with a better microphone, stuff like that. So yeah, I'm still a little pissed about the vocals. It's like having a writer publish their original draft with all the corrections, typos and etc., instead of the final one. Oh, well.

I am SO not kidding about the 'cheap equipment' thing...

I guess I should end this first post by talking about why I'm making this blog. I'm trying to get my music out there, get noticed, and possibly get a job composing soundtracks. Particularly video game soundtracks. I realize I'm nowhere near good enough to be working on AAA titles and such, but if any indie developers need a tune or two for their game - I'd love to help. If this blog gets off the ground, I'll probably use it to rant about stuff other than music, but most of it will definitely be music-oriented. I have quite a few more songs to upload, so check back for those, I'll be uploading them periodically. I might even take requests for songs to do.

So, yeah. Bye.


  1. Силно начало на блога! Надявам се да остане поддържан и да продължаваш да пост-ваш свои парчета!

  2. Много благодаря! Обезателно ще поствам още. Утре се оглеждай за update. :)

    * Translation:

    Anonymous: A strong start for the blog! I hope you keep updating and uploading more songs!

    Articorse: Thank you very much! I will definitely be posting more. Expect an update tomorrow! :)

  3. Long-time fan here. Keep the good stuff coming!

  4. Didn't know I had any long-time fans. Good for me, then! :D

    And no worries, I'm not quitting just yet. :)